Green Urja And Energy Efficiency Awards

“To recognize inspiring and sustained achievements for renewable energy development and energy efficiency deployment in the country with an aim to have accelerated deployment for clean energy transition to contribute to “Clean Energy Transition for Sustainability and GHG Emission Reduction,” the Indian Chamber of Commerce has come up with the 3rd edition of The Green Urja and Energy Efficiency Awards. EESL, the Award Evaluator, is an esteemed and Super Energy Service Company, which enables consumers, industries and governments to effectively manage their energy needs through energy efficient technologies, have consented to evaluate the award nominations this year. The Award would once again acknowledge and reward the Companies in Power Distribution, Power Producers including captive power producers, Manufacturers of Solar and Wind Systems/ Components and financing institutions of RE projects including Manufacturing and Storage. In turn this award provides a platform to highlight leading examples of innovative and sustainable practices and performance to inspire and motivate others to adopt similar policies and practices and transparently communicate on their performance.

The Indian Chamber of Commerce is one of the most pro-active industry associations of the country today, working towards a growth-oriented model for all the key driving sectors of the economy. ICC lays great importance on the sustainable growth of the power sector and recognizes the importance of Renewable Energy in shaping its further.

Renewable Energy is clean energy and is looked upon as major contributor in achieving NDCs towards reaching 40% of non-fossil fuel based energy in overall installed capacity by 2030. The sector has seen exponential growth and the solar and wind tariffs have already breached thermal tariffs from new coal plants. Present auctions have given credence to the belief that dispatchable RE can be achieved in near future through smart hybridization and use of electrical storage systems. In the post COVID times, the use of RE is also seen to create sustainable livelihoods and expansion of health services at decentralized level. The RE sector is evolving, and clean energy transition has become a priority.

The PAT (Perform Achieve and Trade) scheme is currently the key policy driving energy efficiency gains among industries. It has been extended to a 4th cycle, increasing coverage of industrial energy use. The expansion of PAT to less energy- intensive sectors will also create a good energy saving potential for low energy intense industries.

A few big domestic manufacturers in the energy sector produce solar panels, they need to further scale up their production capabilities, the government however is working on different schemes to encourage new companies to enter into this segment. The Indian solar industry this far, relies heavily on imports of solar cells, modules and solar inverters, to attain cost effectiveness, as the domestic production is more expensive, owing to issues of scale and input cost. This award encourages those, who brave the manufacturing challenges in solar, wind and batteries and form a part of the Atma Nirbhar Bharat. Financing institutions play a major role in assessing the projects’ viability, tenure of returns on investments and assisting energy businesses majorly through infrastructural expansion.

The Award has successfully completed two editions, this year it would delve deeper technologies to support sustainability of the ongoing energy transition.

Various actions are being taken at various levels in the government for policy making, by the industry for creating appropriate eco-system, and growing consumption in the industries and society as a whole. To motivate various stakeholders, public recognition of the leaders assumes significance. It is in this direction that ICC, along with The Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL), a JV of PSUs under the Ministry of Power, as the Award Evaluator, is instituting 3 rd GREEN URJA & Energy Efficiency Awards with an overall goal of Energy efficiency opportunities. This effort is envisaged to create role models and awareness about the best practices in the sector.

Administration of the Green Urja Awards

The administration of these awards would be through objective assessment of the applicants based on information/data on their achievements. Based on the market growth patterns of renewable energy in India, various categories are being considered which must continue to be supported to keep pace of growth. These categories broadly represent best performers in the class of overall RE capacity installations by DISCOMs and Independent Power Producers, manufacturing of solar and wind systems/components, consumer industries who have gone forward to use of renewable electricity to replace fossil fuel based electricity, and financing.

Who can apply

Applications are invited from the distribution companies, Solar and wind manufacturers, Industries like Steel, Mining, Educational Institutions, Airports, Ports, Manufacturing Industries, Hospitals, Automobile Industry, FMCG, FMCD, Banks & NBFCs, Biotechnology, Electrical Equipment Manufacturers, Heavy Earth Mover Companies, Telecom, Oil and Gas Companies, Petroleum and Refinery, Textiles, Retail, IT & ITES, Pharma, Infrastructure Companies etc.


Award Brief

  • Top RE Manufacturing (Solar/Wind/Battery Storage)- 1+1+1Nos. This category includes recognizing efforts of RE manufacturers in various categories including Solar, wind and battery storage manufacturing who has set up facility in India and the practices implemented by them has created an important mark on the RE journey and targets of India.
  • Top Financing Institutions for RE&EE (under Project financing including carbon credits) - 2 Nos. This category includes recognizing institutions for investments in RE & EE projects and integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria into the investment decisions. The role of project financing including work on carbon credits, embed sustainability would encourage the deployment towards India’s net zero targets.
  • Top Electric Mobility (Financial Institutions/Manufacturer/STUs)- 3 Nos. This category includes recognizing solution providers in the file of financing, manufacturing and State Road Transport Undertakings (STUs) for promotion of e- mobility in India.
  • Top IPP-Project Development (Solar/Wind/Biomass & Waste to Energy) -1+1+1 Nos. Independent Power Producers (IPP) category includes recognizing companies that have shown efficiency for installation of renewable energy power plants and bringing new products/technologies/business ideas in Solar, wind, biomass sector.
  • Innovative Projects & Jury Choice) – 3 Nos This category includes various areas in innovation in sustainable energy but not limited to supply/demand side management, new concept, product development, sustainability and environment. This award also recognizes exemplary performance by Celebrity, Politician, Bureaucrat, Civil Society Organization etc. for promotion of EE & RE in India.
  • Top Industry in RE Consumption & EE Deployment – 2+2 Nos. This category includes recognizing industry leaders who has a significant impact on the RE consumption and EE deployment. Their business ideas and implementation projects in the field of clean energy are beneficial, replicable and scalable in the industry.
  • Top DISCOM – RE/EE (Public) – 2 Nos. This category includes recognizing electrical utilities for operational excellence, developments, initiatives in adopting RE/EE by public DISCOMs in India.
  • Top DISCOM – RE/EE (Private) – 2 Nos. This category includes recognizing electrical utilities for operational excellence, developments, initiatives in adopting RE/EE by private DISCOMs in India.
  • Top Roof Top Solar/Green solar park/Solar cities -3 Nos. This category includes recognizing efforts of organisations for deploying roof top solar, solar park, solar cities in India and made significant investment in RE segment.
  • Top Green fuel (Electric charging Infrastructure /Green Hydrogen/Bio) – 3 Nos. This category includes recognizing efforts of projects installation of Electric Charging Infrastructure, Green Hydrogen and Bio based. This helps to meet the net zero emissions target and demonstrate a significant contribution to sustainability by making a positive impact on current environmental issues and challenges
  • Top Academia in RE&EE Implementation Support - 2 Nos. This category includes recognizing top academia for R&D, implementation support, policy advocacy, leadership in RE & EE project implementation.
  • Top Consumers/SHGs/ in RE& EE Program Implementation – 2 Nos. This category includes recognizing top consumers, self-help group for RE & EE implementation. Consumer engagement for adoption of sustainable solution is the key to success of India’s net zero plan by 2070.
  • Top media institutions for promotion of Sustainability – 2 Nos. This category includes recognizing media institutions who are leading in effective public awareness, communications campaign for sustainability.
  • Top ULBs for clean energy implementation – 2 Nos. This category includes recognizing urban local bodies for implementation of various RE/EE programs like street lighting national program, municipal pump program etc.
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Green Urja And Energy Efficiency Awards Timeline

  • First jury Meeting 18.08.2022
    Presenting the categories and take inputs from Hon'ble Jury; Announce the award on social media/banners; Meeting time - 11 AM- 1 PM
  • Second Jury Meeting 07.09.2022
    Finalizing the questionnaire, application form and category
  • Fully prepared with our questionnaire, and the invitee list etc. for mass e-mailers etc. 15.09.2022
    Four weeks' time to submit the entries and data.
  • Last date for received nomination 15.10.2022
    EESL to receive the data and start evaluating it as per agreed criteria and matrix
  • EESL - Evalution and result; Present during the Third Jury Meeting 15.11.2022
    One month window for data accuracy and stabilization
  • Fourth Jury meeting 30.11.2022
    Finalization of awards ; One week time to Participants to send the correct data etc.
  • Event for award ceremony 17.01.2023
    New Delhi - Venue etc.

Questionnaire For Companies

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Award Evaluators

Mr. Animesh Mishra

Mr. Animesh Mishra

Chief General Manager, Head (Sales & PR/CC), EESL

Animesh Mishra is the Head of Sales and PR-CC (corporate communication) at Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) and is currently..

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Mr. Ashish Jindal

Mr. Ashish Jindal

National Clean Energy Expert, Asian Development Bank

Currently, he is working with the Energy Efficiency Services Ltd. (EESL), Ministry of Power, Govt. of India, as a National..

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